What is an Intuitive Reading?


Every reading is entirely unique. In general, an intuitive reader works with you to give you guidance or counselling to move you forward on your path with more certainty and confidence. The client, you,  can bring specific questions that the reader can answer as well as provide you with information you need to know that presents itself. This can be in the form of understanding how to release blocked energy and/or past trauma.  There might be information about ‘past lives’ which can be important for your understanding of your path in this life.  The reading may also include guidance on working through a current hardship, or helping you to activate your highest potential and life work. As well, if the reader specializes in mediumship, you may ask to connect with loved ones that have transitioned. 

The main reason readings vary greatly is that each reader has their own unique way of receiving and translating information into physical terms. Overall, readers provide in-depth guidance and information to aid in your life journey.  An experienced reader will most likely explain how they receive their information with you. That being said, here’s some more helpful information to clarify the process.







With readings that I have given and received, the answers to questions and guidance given is based on the fact that the client is conveying most likely future events due to current decisions already made. So when the client asks questions around work, relationships, health etc. the answers are provided based on what they see most likely to happen.  Again, this is because they are seeing your information and what you have inherently decided will happen thus far.  

What is more important to know than the lottery numbers is that your future is not set in stone. Many people often believe that if something is meant to happen it will happen or that things just happen ‘to us’ and are not in our control. But this can be due to life decisions already made by us and thoughts by us that have a high intensity. What I have learned is that much of the future can change based on the decisions that we and those around us make as we move through our lives.  We were born onto this planet with free will.  And therefore, although we may have a type of blueprint or path that we come here with, it is up to us whether we choose to follow that path or maybe take a different route for the time being.  


This doesn’t mean that life is meant to be easy with obstacles or challenges. Effort and action are always required. It does mean we can choose how we would like to move through those events to maximize our potential and growth. I personally do not predict lotteries or locate missing items.






The reading is based on information you are conveying to the reader as to where you are with likely outcomes. The guidance for the future and any counselling is based on that energy. However, if after hearing the reading, you were to go home and make new decisions that will chart your life on a different course, then of course, parts or all of that reading no longer makes sense. You have the power to create your own life.

 If I had to summarize what a good reading experience should include, it would be that you are receiving helpful, specific guidance that you are ready to hear, for the best routes to follow to live your life and illuminate your highest possibility. 






Will I be able to predict the future ( like next week's lottery numbers or missing items)?

So how does that affect a reading?

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